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. Whenever this MAF sensor gets clogged or fails, there will be a check engine light and possibly this code.

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. All model year 2012 and newer nissan vehicles; evap leak dtc p0442, p0455, p0456 information this bulletin has been amended.

Figure 1

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Clogged. 0 hour of labor.

It consists of. com taurus ford egr expedition code p0401 p1151 2002 p1401 dpfe p1131 p0171 p1000 flow sensor p1518 codes low 2000 rough DPFE Sensor I Have A 1999 Ford Ranger, 4 Cylinder, 2.

Figure 2

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0 hour of labor.

This can be caused by a tear in the flexible air duct or a loose hose clamp. .


2009 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE CCSB 4x4 LMM.

Check the PCV valve and the EVAP purge valve. Also known as MAF sensor. The auto repair&39;s diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle&39;s make and model, and even your engine type.

P0101 Description. Also known as MAF sensor.

Figure 3

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How Serious Is Code P0101 The P0101 is a minor case.

. Vacuum leaks are frequently the source of the code P0101.

A P0101 code can also be caused by faulty valve timing, faulty PCM (engine computer), clogged catalytic converter, stuck-open EGR valve, and MAF sensor connector, improperly installed air filter, or wiring problems. Vacuum leak Vacuum leaks in your air intake system can cause a faulty reading and lead to other problems indicated by several different DTC codes, including the P0101 code.

Figure 4

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If its higher or lower than the real barometric pressure, you should change your mass airflow sensor.

so a inspection of its air duct is required, it can also be set if the airflter is plugged.

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The following are some of the most common possible causes of DTC p0455. The following conditions can also cause a P0101 code Throttle body needs to be cleaned.

Can you drive with a P0101 code The P0101 code will not prevent the car from driving but it is advisable to check it out as soon as possible.


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